we offer the best quality
  • LED lights for Pools

    we offer the best quality
  • LED Lights

    Longer lasting and extremely durable


Can last up to 10 years

  • Should any cracks develop, water needs to be drained to repair
  • The water tends to be a bit warmer by ± 4°  than marbelite
  • Fibreglass lifespan can be up to 10 years – if cared for correctly with the correct chemical dosage & regular maintenance
  • Staining is less than with Marbelite
  • More expensive than Marbelite though
  • Fibreglass is not recommended for “clay ground areas”, as earth movement can/will cause cracks in Fibre lining
  • Hand scrub water lines where oils from sun lotions tends to migrate/accumulate
  • PLEASE NOTE: With RE - FIBREGLASS always use a diluted mixture of Hydrosolve Degreaser (Styrene) to clean the surface prior to painting
    Re - coating:-  This is of utmost importance in order to prevent flaking/peeling/lifting

fibreglass mosiac

Fibreglass Mosaic available

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Fibre glass mosiac